ChatOps for CA Continuous Delivery Automation

A CA Continuous Delivery Automation Bot Community Project

Built on Hubot, this ChatOps community project enables you to interact with CA Continuous Delivery Automation (formerly known as CA Automic Release Automation) using your favorite chat client.

ChatOps is a somewhat new approach to communication that allows teams to collaborate and manage not only aspects of their infrastructure and code, but a wide variety of functions within an organization, all from the comfort and safety of a chat room.

By automating tasks and actions so that a chatbot can execute them on your behalf, ChatOps allows you to create efficiencies in many areas of an organization, freeing up time and resources to tackle new challenges.

Additionally, by automating tasks that can be triggered safely from a bot within a chat room, bottlenecks are removed where previously only a limited subset of people had the knowledge or access to expertly manage infrastructure, code, and information.

Provides following functionality:

  • List Apps, Workflows, Environments, Packages, General Workflows
  • Create new Package and instrument its properties
  • Run Deployments
  • Start General Workflows
  • Management of approvals

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