Action Pack for CA Release Automation

Orchestrate CA Release Automation from CA Automic Release Automation

CA Release Automation and CA Automic Release Automation both provide consistent, repeatable and auditable deployments across the Continuous Delivery pipeline.

This action pack allows CA Automic Release Automation to manage objects and trigger workflows in CA Release Automation. This means a workflow in CA Automic Release Automation CA Release Automation flows. In this way, you do not modify the deployment logic defined in CA Release Automation and you extend them using CA Automic Release Automation.


  • Get Applications
  • Get Application by ID
  • Create Template Property
  • Delete Template Property
  • Update Template Property
  • Get Environments
  • Get Environment by ID
  • Create Artifact Package
  • Create Deployment Plan
  • Create Project
  • Delete Artifact Version
  • Delete Release
  • Load Manifest
  • Load Tokens
  • Run Deployment Plan
  • Run Deployments
  • Stop Deployment
  • Get Deployment Status



  • CA Release Automation 6.5.0


Full documentation for this Action Pack is included as an object within the Package once installed in your One Automation Platform.


  • current release

Version 1.0.0

Download (zip)

This plugin has no version history


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