CA Application Performance Management Action Pack

Orchestrates the remediation process with CA CDA & CA APM


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CA Application Performance Management (CA APM) proactively monitors and provides diagnostic insights into applications across mobile, web, cloud, microservices, containers and mainframe.

The release-run-remediate process is controlled by CA Continuous Delivery Automation (CA CDA - formerly known as CA Automic Release Automation) with CA APM as a conduit for metadata-enriched telemetry. Meaning more than just using commodity metrics to trigger automations, if there is metadata known at runtime that would be useful to a downstream remediation, that metadata can be attached to the deployed application within CA APM during release, and can be used by CA CDA to trigger a remediation process.


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  • Add Custom Attributes


  • CA APM V10.5

Full documentation for this Action Pack is included as a documentation object once the Package is installed in your CA Automic One Automation Platform.

  • current release

Version 1.0.0

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