Automics Groovy and Java Code Automation

The Groovy Automation Solution executes and automates small java or groovy programs within the context of a job


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The Challenge 

There is an increasing need in the market to accelerate the integration into complex, ever growing, and changing environments. Business and IT require an easy and secure way to connect and automate various systems, either on premise, virtual or in the cloud. The deployment and execution of Groovy code is a common way to connect, run, and manage environments and applications.


Automic’s Services organization offers a Groovy Automation Solution to execute and automate small java or groovy programs within the context of a job. A seamless integration in Automic’s platform allows to execute these programs and integrate them into your automation workflows, which enables customers to an unlimited way to connect and automat, using any groovy or java code. 

Some uses case examples are: 

  • Email Automation for Office 365: read and automate based on EWS Microsoft API 
  • SOAP UI executor: allows users to execute SOAP UI project files, which also allows to detect and resolve incompatibility issues of WebServices agents 
  • Automate Service Now: open and change incident, problem, change request tickets, including root cause attachments 
  • Automate RabbitMQ: read from and write to RabbitMQ in an easy and secure way 
  • Execute and automate java or groovy programs  
  • The agent runs all jobs within a single java thread 
  • Single java thread means that it’s fast and uses relatively less resources 
  • Time-based automation (Scheduling) 
  • Event-based automation 
  • Seamless integration of Groovy jobs with other pre/post processing tasks and other applications and environments
  • current release

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