Automic Upgrade to AE V12

Upgrade to the latest version of AE to make the most of your automation environment


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Make the most of your Automic automation platform by upgrading to version 12. Besides improvements under the hood, there are new features included in this major release. The Automic Web Interface (AWI) provides a unified user interface across all areas of automation. Analytics has been added as part of the Core Automation Engine and provides simple and tailored Reporting for Workload/Release Automation through the AWI. Also, Service Level Management replaces the SLA Manager add-on to monitor/notify execution deviations or violations.  


An assessment of the current environment is performed to tailor a project plan that will take into consideration trainings, upgrade, features to be implemented, testing, and go-live. This assessment will also define whether it will by an in-place upgrade or a new installation. The project plan will include a time-table according to the availability of your resources. Automic Consultants with extensive expertise will train and guide your technical team in understanding the uses of the Automic software and the ability to maximize the new V12 features and functionalities. This will also effectively transfer knowledge to your staff, improving their ability to design, customize and support the Automic scheduling environment.  

Key Benefits: 

  • Customized Project Plan 
  • New V12 training classes available 
  • Testing and validation 
  • Go-Live Support 
  • Delivers a comprehensive Engagement Summary 
  • Customizable to end-user needs due to role-based concept 
  • UI extendable by using Plugins 
  • Ability to see trends and greatest deviation time on workflows 
  • Ability to share reports with people who have no access to AWI (i.e. Business Teams) via direct link 
  • Analyze and predict future scheduling violations 
  • Centralized Agent Upgrade enables quick upgrade of agents centrally from Automation Engine 
  • Support for up 100,000 agents and faster agent connectivity