Automic Agent Deployment and Upgrade Toolkit

Community Solution for Automic Agent Deployment and Upgrade

The Agent Deployment and Upgrade Toolkit was designed to automate the installation and upgrade of agents. The current method for agent deployment is a manual process so this solution reduces the time, resources, and costs involved. The toolkit works directly with the Automation Engine. This means that the customer can execute objects within the User Interface to initiate the installation/upgrade, and then the Automation Engine will communicate with the server to deploy the agent.

Automic recommends to involve its Professional Services team to ensure the successful use of the toolkit. Please contact your Account Manager.

The Agent Deployment and Upgrade Toolkit is offered as no-charge community solution. The solution is distributed “AS IS” and without any express or implied warranty. Automic makes no representations that the solution (i) will meet Customer’s requirements, (ii) will operate when used with other hardware, software, systems or data not provided or expressly approved by Automic, (iii) will operate uninterrupted or error-free, (iv) will offer Customer any network security protection or that (v) errors of an immaterial nature will be corrected. The solution is completely end-user customizable and is therefore provided without support or maintenance. Support can be requested from Automic Consulting, as additional effort. On demand and after talking to Automic, small changes may be possible as well. All rights for the solution and any changes/extensions remain the sole property of Automic.

  • Significantly minimizes the time it takes to deploy hundreds to thousands of agents. Total time can be reduced from days/weeks to minutes/hours
  • Frees up company resources which allows the customer to focus on other tasks
  • Cuts costs due to reduction in time and resources needed
  • Integrates directly with the Automation Engine, allowing installations and upgrades to be managed and monitored within the User Interface
  • Ensures that new agent installations use Automic’s best practices to guarantee that future upgrades on these agents run smoothly
  • Upgrades existing agents in place, keeping customer’s current configuration intact
  • Backs up existing agent files prior to performing an upgrade
  • Ensures that all agents are linked with an Automic Service Manager which follows Automic’s best practices

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