Automated Remote Configuration File Distribution

Distribute configuration files to remote nodes.

Ever wanted to distribute configuration files such as U_ANTE_UPROC or U_POST_UPROC centrally with DU5 without having to log onto each remote node?


This script is an experimental attempt to bring the possibility for $U 5.x to distribute configuration files to remote nodes (such as uxsetenv, U_POST_UPROC, etc..).
It relies on the native Uproc Distribution Mechanism to distribute config files to remote nodes through the following steps:
  • create a local Uproc which script is replaced by a copy of the local config file to transfer
  • export the local uproc and import it to the remote node (using an extraction)
  • create a local customized tech uproc containing a specific code (which, when executed, copies the internal script of the Uproc containing the config file to a specific location)
  • export the local tech uproc and import it to the remote node (using an extraction)
  • execute the tech uproc on the remote node (so as to place the configuration file where it is supposed to be)
  • monitor the execution
  • delete tech & content uprocs/clean executions
Target environments: Linux, Unix

Prerequisites: DU5, will not work (and is unecessary) with DU6

Implementation: simply execute the script

Operating Systems


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