Automated Oracle Retail Processing

Implement the automation of Oracle Retail batch processes in days.


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Implement the automation of Oracle Retail batch processes in days.

Realize value faster from your Oracle Retail investment, reduce ongoing maintenance and increase agility by integrating POS, merchandizing, warehouse management and other retail applications.



As a retailer, you are in the business of time. Speed is critical to your successbut implementation of Oracle Retail batch processes requires extensive scripting –meaning long implementation times, hindering agility and increasing the risk of process failures. And once in production these scripts are error prone, difficult to maintain and unable to scale as your business grows.



ONE Automation for Oracle Retail is the only solution validated and recommended by Oracle for Oracle Retail batch processing. Retailers can get Oracle Retail batch processes integrated and up and running in a matter of days, as opposed to the months of development that would otherwise be required.

In addition to optimizing Oracle Retail batch performance, retail processing can be orchestrated into one coherent workflow:

    • Leverage out-of-the-box templates for MOM, ARI, SIM, AI, RPAS, RDW and RA, developed in conjunction with Oracle, speed implementation and ensure best practices


    • Accelerate performance and increase accuracy by taking advantage of Oracle Retail’s multi-threading capabilities


    • Fully automate a safe restart/recovery processes, which can be applied to each thread individually.


    • Diagnose problems and automatically initiate jobs to process rejected dataanalyzing Oracle Retail error logs.


    • Detect and manage multiple input files such as POS data, to ensure that each file is received and properly processed.


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