Automated .NET Deployments

Deploy .NET application releases faster and minimize downtime. Coordinate all the moving parts involved in deployment and release of .NET applications.


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.NET application Dev and Ops teams are being forced to change their working practices to facilitate growth, innovation and maintain compliance. But .Net deployments can be complex and between the many SQL Server and IIS dependencies things easily go wrong. A great deal of time is taken up handling assemblies of GAC registrations, configuring IIS and managing the back end database on each production deployment. Not to mention the multitude of test and development environments with their reliance on TFS and continuous integration requirements.


.Net Application Deployment Automation provides a centralized platform that allows Dev, QA and IT Ops teams to coordinate and automate the entire .Net release process. With a dedicated library of actions, visual workflows can be used to automate .Net application deployments and most administration tasks. Packages are dynamically created for deployment so there are no staging and copying artefacts to deal with. And once workflows are created and tested, they can completely replace manual deployment processes –providing fast and consistent .Net deployments across all environments, every time.

  • Automate entire deployment and release workflows with a single automation platform shared by Dev and Ops

  • Enable fully automated application deployments and administration in a .Net environment with out of the box actions that:

    • Add and remove bindings to websites

    • Change physical paths to applications, websites and virtual directories

    • Create, drop, stop, recycle and set .Net versions on application pools

    • Create, start, stop, recycle, set .Net versions and set permissions on applications

    • Set permissions on virtual directories

  • Reset and stop servers

  • Create, drop and set permissions on virtual directories

  • Integrate with application lifecycle management tools and a unique packaging system when creating versioned deployment packages and automate staged promotion

  • Connect to approval workflows, environment reservation and calendaring for .Net environments

  • Roll back allows applications to be reverted to a previous state should a deployment failure occur

  • current release

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