Ansible Tower Action Pack

Orchestrate Ansible Tower to provision and patch operating system components as part of full-stack provisioning workflows.


Ansible Tower (formerly ‘AWX’) from Red Hat is a commercial, web-based solution that makes the open-source tool Ansible easier to use for IT teams.


The Ansible Tower action pack allows you to perform configuration tasks within an automated workflow, that would otherwise be conducted manually via the Ansible Tower GUI, such as adding groups and hosts to inventories and triggering job templates.

The following actions are provided:

  • Administration
    • Add Host To Group
    • Create Group
    • Create Host
    • Create Inventory
    • Create Organization
    • Create Project
    • Create User
    • Delete Group
    • Delete Host
    • Delete Inventory
    • Delete Organization
    • Delete Project
    • Delete User
    • List Groups
    • List Hosts
    • List Inventories
    • List Inventory Scripts
    • List Job Events
    • List Jobs
    • List Projects
    • List Roles
    • List Schedules
    • List System Jobs
    • List Users
    • Remove Host From Group
  • Execution
    • Execute Ad Hoc Command
    • Execute Job Template
    • Execute System Job Template






























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Tim Kennedy

Tim Kennedy