AE - Dependency Checker

Check to make sure objects all objects required for a job exist.

This is a SQL script that can check for dependencies of objects in a folder.  It only checks 1 level down, there is no recursion.  Meaning, if an object relies an another object, and that 2nd object relies on a 3rd, and so on, this SQL will not find those obscure chained dependencies.


This dependency checker, checks objects in a deployment folder between clients.  It can be u sed to make sure that all objects in dev related to a deployment, are in-fact present in the other clients (Test, UAT, etc).  This is done before we deploy.

We use the following for client numbers:

  • XXX5 = DEV
  • XXX4 = TST
  • XXX3 = UAT
  • XXX0 = Production (This is in a different install/system though)

The SQL attachment to check dependencies is probably not complete, or accurate, but it does a good enough job identifying objects that you could probably modify it to use as a listing instead.

NOTE: Our folder structure is highly controlled via object names, peer reviews of coding etc.


so for instance:


Would all be in a folder here:

  • \Automations\APP\NAIL_CUTTER\

This makes sure (since objects have to be unique in all folders), that object names can never accidently collide.

Our deployment folders are:





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Jeremy Swartwood

Jeremy Swartwood


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