AE API Tools

A Java-based software toolkit using the Application Interfaces

Due to increasingly specific customer requirements in individual consulting projects, this challenge becomes more difficult to meet customer’s needs by using Automic standards. In many cases for example the use of the user interface for creating complex processing procedures using the internal scripting language is not sufficient any more.

Therefore it is required and recommended that the Automic Application Interface based on Java is used for that kind of challenges. Simple automated object adjustments are easy to implement in this way. Nevertheless, basic functions such as the login, logout or logging procedures have to be implemented at each customer solution. This should be standardized as good as possible in this approach to avoid redundancies within implementations done by respective consultants. Finally an opportunity to work collectively on same projects and share already created solutions should also be taken into account.

For this reason a uniform approach to combine general or recurring functionalities in a common framework is necessary, available on a public share.

For this purpose a framework called Consulting Tools for creating custom solutions is implemented. This is a Java-based software solution using the Application Interfaces where basic functions as login, logout, CP failover, log handling, etc. are already implemented. An incoming customer request, like a mass update will be created within a dedicated software project as a separate class. Based on this concept general and custom functionalities are encapsulated from each other.


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