Actionpack for Workflow Log Parsing

Actionpack for modifying Automic Objects and Retrieving, Processing and Extracting content from Action Reports / Outputs

This action pack should make it easier to implement scenarios requiring to pass values that are generated at runtime and appear in an actions or Jobs output.

here is a simple example: 

  1. Action runs and returns an ID number in its REP (output)
  2. ID Number is stored in an Automic Variable and passed
  3. the ID Number is then used in another action downstream

This process typically implies fiddling with the PREP_PROCESS_REPORT instructions in the PostProcess tab to extract what is needed from the Output. This action pack is built to NOT have to do that anymore: it can be used to extract patterns using regular expressions and automatically store values in dynamically generated variables (which are also automatically published to the workflow).


In Client 0, add the following entry to your UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS file:



Action list:

  • Change Property of DB CONN Object
  • Change Property of FTP CONN Object
  • Change Property or entries from LOGIN Object
  • Change Property of REST CONN Object
  • Empty Action
  • Match & Extract Output of Previous Action with Regular Expressions
  • Match & Extract Sring or File with Regular Expressions


Created by....

Brendan Sapience


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