Secure Vaults

Change the way you share and develop plugins through a range of new privacy options now available with Secure Marketplace Vaults


Create a Vault

Public plugins

The marketplace as you already know it; the public plugin option is a great chance for you to showcase something that you’ve built with the CA Automic community by making it available for download. Alternatively, see if anyone else has encountered a similar challenge to the one that you currently face – perhaps there’s a ready-made solution already available to you.

Semi-Private plugins

By going semi-private you can gather interest in your automation solution and see who’d like to find out more about what you’re doing. This allows fellow members of the CA Automation Marketplace to search and view your plugin, but only members of your secure vault will be able to download and edit it.

Fully-Private plugins

Want to keep your plugins a secret? Our private setting gives you the option to ensure only members of your secure vault have access to see and download it. This is the perfect place to keep proprietary software that’s invaluable to your organisation. It's also a great way to internally collaborate on new plugin concepts.

The Architecture Behind the Vault

The architecture of the secure vault is designed to sync with your active directory/single sign-on, meaning that you can instantly grant access and control exactly who is able to view and download the plugins. The benefits of our architecture enable you to:

Retain full control

Build up an unlimited library

Select admins to sign off on plugins

Set deeper levels of privacy

GitHub Integration

All plugins that you develop and upload are saved on your private github organization, giving you complete ownership. This integration will give you unlimited private plugins and all the administrative rights to anything that you develop.