Automic Continuous Delivery for Temenos

Automate your T24 application deployments


Number of releases happening in both production and non-production environments means a lot of repetitive and time consuming manual work.

Many manual processes are involved placing T24 packages into production - spending significant amount of time and effort on multiple packages make releases error-prone.

Dependency on custom developed technologies to carry out T24 deployments - exposing significant risks.

Lack of a simple mechanism to rollback any deployment to a specific version.


CA Automic Continuous Delivery for Temenos helps you automate T24 deployments and lower rollback overhead. It allows you to improve security control restricting IT operations use of T24 commands and eliminates unnecessary manual intervention. Furthermore it helps automate the interaction with backend files.

Supported Actions:

  • T24 Backup BCON
  • T24 Deploy BCON
  • T24 Deploy BCON Verify
  • T24 Create and Export BCON
  • T24 Reverse BCON
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Products Continuous Delivery Automation
Versions 12.x
Operating Systems Linux, Windows, Windows
Last update 2020-12-11 14:25:48.0
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