Status and Job Log Report

Report is a customized variant of T1-3.


This report is a customized variant of T1-3. This custom report will all Jobs, not only the aborted one.

To use this report you have to enable the extraction of job log in Reporter.

IMPORTANT REMARK: This report will contain all job log of all jobs in that reporting window. It's strongly advised to use is a small subset of data specific (uprocs, limited reporting window, ...)

Package description

The package contain the Reporter template (.jasper) and the template source file (.jrxml) that can be modified with iReport 4.0.2.

To deploy this template in Reporter copy the .jasper file in

  • For the Oracle template: data/reports/templates/custom/oracle (same for the subreport folder)
  • For the MS SQL template: data/reports/templates/custom/mssql (same for the subreport folder)

The templates can then be used then to create Report definitions.



Target environments: All

Prerequisites: Dollar Universe, Reporter 4


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