SonarQube Action Pack

Make SonarQube part of your deployment workflows.


SonarQube® software (previously called Sonar) is an open source quality management platform, dedicated to continuously analyze and measure technical quality, from project portfolio to method.

The SonarQube Action Pack enables you to initiate an analysis of your project using Sonar Scanner.



  • Automic Release Automation v12 or above
  • SonarQube Scanner 3.0 - Compatible with SonarQube 5.6+ (LTS)


  • Download the Action Pack from Automic marketplace
  • Log onto the Automic Web Interface.
  • Navigate to Administation tab
  • Click Packs then click Install Pack
  • Select the action pack that you downloaded. Upon installation, the pack PCK.CUSTOM_SONARQUBE should appear

Available Actions:

  • Run Sonar Scanner


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Kaj Wierda

Kaj Wierda


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