Resource On Number of Running Jobs

Counts the number of running jobs.


Resource for Dollar Universe 6.

Counts the number of running jobs when used in order to ensure that the maximum number of executing jobs has not been reached.

Target environments: Linux / Unix

Prerequisites: DU6


1 Administration Object Package containing an sh script that will be inserted on the node as a nodefile, (in charge of checking the number of running jobs)
1 Regular Package containing the Dollar Universe resource object which calls the script (mentioned above)


Insert both packages into Dollar Universe


Edit the inserted resource in order to fill out parameters for the script (by default there is only one parameter with value of 2)

Parameter 1: [mandatory] Upper limit for number of current running jobs (if the actual number is above the limit, the resource stays in event wait)
Parameter 2: [Optional], remote node name (if unspecified, the node name used is the local one)

Operating Systems


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