DevOps Awareness Building

Is promoting DevOps in your organization and launch a major initiative?


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Although DevOps today is a well-known trend in IT, the understanding of it's greater value is still relatively low in many organizations. This makes it hard to implement IT-wide change initiatives and align principles across the organization.



We help you to build awareness about the value of DevOps and how it can help your organization to become more agile.

Reach a “critical mass” of DevOps awareness and support within your organization to allow a change initiative to become successful.


  1. Value Stream Analysis (Stakeholder Workshop with individual Follow-ups): Document the creation of value through a stream of activities in the application release and change processes. Focusing on all types of waste to increase awareness of gaps and areas for improvement.
  2. Survey: Perform an anonymous employee survey to gather satisfaction levels and ideas on topics in the scope of DevOps (release hand-over, release deployments, problem management, environment provisioning, etc.)
  3. Workshop (Stakeholder Workshop): Conduct a workshop to present main concepts of DevOps and how they could address identified concerns gathered through the value stream analysis and survey. Address concerns of individual stakeholders.
  4. Internal distribution: We help to publish agreed results in the Intranet, Company Newsletter and/or other internal communication.

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