CyberArk Conjur Action Pack

Increase flexibility and security by centralizing credentials for target systems in the Conjur vault, and let automated workflows retrieve them at runtime


Conjur from CyberArk is an open source security service that integrates with popular tools to provide data encryption, identity management for humans and machines, and role-based access control for sensitive secrets like passwords, SSH keys, and API keys.

With this Action Pack you can store in Conjur the credentials that Automic One Automation platform requires to execute actions in target systems. Credentials are Secrets in Conjur, they will be fetched at runtime during the execution of your Automic workflows.

This way, you do not need to hardcode in Automic the credentials of the target systems, data is not duplicated and you can use the rotation feature of Conjur. Flexibility and security are increased.


  • Retrieve Secret: Retrieve a Secret and pass it to a successor Task in your Automic Workflow, for a command line argument or a web request parameter

After you have installed the Action Pack in your Automic One Automation Platform, you will find a documentation object with full documentation.


  • current release

Version 1.0.0

Download (zip)

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