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Automate Cognos Reporting Jobs in AE


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The Challenge 

Cognos internal scheduler is unable to automate reports after the execution of an external job. The Cognos command line trigger is also very limited. It cannot pass prompts from the command line, and there’s no real indication the reports successful execution.  


Automic’s Services organization offers a Cognos integration and automation solution that allows for the execution of reports to be scheduled and monitored, and report output can be distributed to end users. Report prompts can be updated from Automic and passed in with the report execution. Furthermore, being able to trigger Cognos Reports from Automic allows you to leverage Cognos Report jobs and make them enterprise ready. This offering is delivered by highly trained Automic Consultants and the process is performed with no downtime in your current environment. 

Additional Notes


Cognos 10.1 or 10.2 installed with SDK

  • Time-based automation (Scheduling) 
  • Event-based automation 
  • Prompts can be updated through Automic with static values or SQL queries (dynamic) 
  • Report execution results are readily available in the Automic Job Report 
  • Options for report archiving and emailing 
  • Report Bursting is available 
  • Seamless integration of Cognos Reports with other pre/post processing tasks and other applications and environments


  • current release

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