BMC PATROL Agent Action Pack

Interact with BMC PATROL Agent as part of infrastructure and application deployment workflows

BMC PATROL is an infrastructure monitoring tool from BMC Software which is now branded as TrueSight Infrastructure Management.

The action pack allows interaction with a BMC PATROL Agent which may be useful for a number of use cases:

- Configure, suspend & resume monitoring infrastructure and applications as part of automated deployments or updates.

- Validate PATROL Agent configuration as part of automated operational acceptance tests.

- Retrieve performance data for monitored infrastructure or applications to determine effect of workflow or make performance-related decisions within a workflow.


- Create alerts and informational events pertaining to workflow activity, which can be routed to event management software.

The action pack contains the following actions:

  • Execute PSL Script
  • Get Agent Namespace Variable
  • Set Agent Namespace Variable
  • Get Agent Configuration
  • Set Agent Configuration
  • Restart Agent
  • Kill Agent


The action pack communicates directly with local and remote  PATROL Agents using pconfig and PatrolCli utilities, so can be used in Patrol "classic", Patrol Central, ProactiveNet and TrueSight architectures.


Created by....

Tim Kennedy

Tim Kennedy


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