Automics Talend and Big Data Conversion and Automation Solution

Make Talend enterprise ready by integrating it with AE


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The Challenge

Fast handling of Big Data is nowadays a critical driver for businesses to make the right decisions in time.  

Talend customers require the automation, scheduling and scalability capabilities, offered by an enterprise-class automation platform.

Lack of orchestration and integration with pre and post processing systems often causes delays and inconsistencies.


Automic’s Services organization offers a packaged conversion and automation solution that automatically creates Automic jobs and workflows from existing Talend schedules. With Talend schedules now in Automic, you can leverage Talend workflows and make them enterprise ready. This offering is delivered by highly trained Automic Consultants and the process is performed with no downtime in your current environment. 

  • Quick conversion process 
  • Scalability and reliability 
  • Time-based automation (Scheduling) 
  • Event-based automation 
  • Seamless integration of Talend workloads with other pre/post processing tasks and other applications and environments


  • current release

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