Automic Continuous Delivery for Siebel

Reduce call center downtime and increase the agilit of your Siebel environments. Coordinate all the moving parts involved in the deployment and release of your Siebel updates.


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Siebel is just not as agile as the many other applications at the front end of your business today, making it a bottleneck for innovation and potentially impacting customer experience. Deployments are manual, require a huge amount of co-ordination between different teams and take forever to complete. Overruns cause unplanned downtime, and with call centers unable to take calls, hundreds of agents sit idle while customers become dissatisfied.



CA Automic Continuous Delivery for Siebel increases the agility in Siebel environments. Deep integration with Siebel Tools coupled with preconfigured workflow templates for full Siebel Export and Import provide fast, consistent and reliable Siebel deployments every time – reducing downtime and leaving new application development and integration initiatives uninterrupted.

  • Automate the entire Siebel deployment process for multiple environments from a single point of control
  • Enable deep integration with Siebel through the Siebel Data Bean API
  • Leverage preconfigured workflow templates that offer full Siebel Export and packages SRF’s, browser scripts, repository files, schema files into a single package ready for deployment
  • Ensure graceful shutting down of servers in the correct order and importing SRFs and repositories in parallel, before verification, utilizing preconfigured workflows for full Siebel Import
  • Establish process controls to ensure only authorized staff can promote updates to Siebel production environments
  • Gain visibility across every step of the Siebel deployment process with full audit trails
  • Safely roll back to the previous application state should a deployment failure occur


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