Automating SAP and Non-SAP

Run enterprise processes seamlessly across SAP and non-SAP systems


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Run enterprise processes seamlessly across SAP and non-SAP systems

Orchestrate your SAP and non-SAP systems into one coherent process flow, so your business operations run faster, and more reliably.


For most organizations managing SAP processing has become a pressing challenge. The combination of high-volume workloads and user-initiated batch requests with spikes in business demands can impact performance and result in delays and missed SLAs. Compounding this, SAP systems are not well integrated with non-SAP applications, and the use of vendor specific automation tools to manage each application makes it impossible to coordinate ITworkloads across end-to-end business processes.


ONE Automation for SAP centralizes management and monitoring of SAP process flows across ECC, IS, SCM, CRM, BI, Business Objects and other SAP components. It also connects workloads that span SAP and non-SAP systems. Multiple adapters that have been certified by the SAP Integration & Certification Center (ICC) automate SAP ABAP reports and other SAP and non-SAP processing. Centralized configuration and admin of all SAP processing reduces maintenance overheads.

Eliminating errors and delays ensures that business critical process flows complete on time:

  • Leverage an extensible set of adapters that allow process flows to be created and execute across SAP and non-SAP systems from one platform

  • Ensure file transfers between SAP systems and remote systems are predictable and error free

  • Monitor entire business process flows across multiple SAP instances from a single pane of glass

  • Integrate best-of-breed automation with SAP Solution Manager when man-aging SAP operations

  • Proactively manage service levels for business processes with built in controls

  • Enable dynamic data driven processing of SAP HANA databases using events triggered by output of HANA queries

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