Automated System Copy for SAP

Complete complete system copies for SAP up to 10x faster.


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SAP system copy can be a highly manual process, especially in the pre and post action processing steps – creating delays and allowing operator errors to creep in. The result, up to two weeks of downtime for non-production systems – putting testing, development and training activities on hold.


Automated System Copy for SAP automates up to 100% of the system copy process, reducing the time taken to produce a complex system copy by up to 90%, requiring fewer resources as well as eliminating manual configuration errors. SAP system copies are available for all environments on time, every time, leaving testing and development work almost uninterrupted.

  • Take advantage of an extensible set of adapters to automate every step of the SAP system copy process from one platform
  • Optimize the system copy process and ensure best practices across pre and post-copy steps with out of the box templates
  • Eliminate IT involvement with time, trigger, and user driven requests initiating system copies
  • Ensure non-production systems are free of sensitive data with Data Masking
  • Simplify management of non-production data volumes with Data Reduction
  • Automate error handling and alerting to ensure issues are addressed as they occur during runtime


Additional Notes

Reduce the downtime of non-production SAP systems and the amount of time Dev, QA and Training teams spend waiting for test data.

Automic Automated System Copy for SAP features:

  • Best practice templates – drive faster, more efficient SAP pre-processing, copy and post-processing
  • ​Parallel processing – run tasks in parallel and increase process efficiency Data masking – mask SAP data in system copies, anonymizing sensitive data used in non-production environments
  • Data slicing – reduce the size of data volumes, slicing data according to date, function and other data requirements
  • Self-service – enable end users to initiate system copies by themselves via a self-service portal
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