AutoIt Action Pack

Automate Windows GUI Applications

AutoIt makes it possible to automate almost everything that has an GUI, or any kind of action which runs on the Win32 API. That means you can easily automate a button click, write something, send keyboard keys, etc...



  • Download the Action Pack from Automic marketplace
  • Extract the archive to get the file, this is the actual action pack.
  • Log onto the Automic Web Interface (ECC).
  • Navigate to Administation tab
  • Click Packs then click Install Pack
  • Select the action pack that you downloaded. Upon installation, the pack PCK.CUSTOM_PROJECT_AUTOIT should appear

Available actions:

  • ControlCommand
  • ControlGetText
  • ControlListView
  • ControlSend
  • ControlSetText
  • ControlTreeView
  • Execute_Script
  • Get_Text
  • RunApplication
  • SendText
  • Sleep
  • WinActivate
  • WinClose
  • WinGetState
  • WinList
  • WinWaitActive

Tested on Windows 2012 R2 with AutoIT

Additional remarks:

This Action Pack was developed as part of project Makalu where Automic Summer Interns were asked to design, develop, test, and document action packs. The AutoIT action pack was developed by Alexander Mandt, Julius Szemmeliker, and Adrian Steinbach.

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